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Historical Aesthetic

Our Values

HYE started as a business and academic cooperation brand in 2016 during the absence of fashion brands representing Korea’s beauty. To reinterpret the Korean traditional culture by combining modern fashion, we have utilized diversified research, a study from the business and academic field researchers, and a creative drawing using computer graphics to unfold the colorful design.

The theme of the 2016 launching was ‘to find the beauty of Chosun.’ We utilized embroideries, jogakbo, folk art, window frames, five colors, etc., to design scarves and neckties. We also used natural materials such as silk, wool, linen, etc., to serve the best traditional beauty of Korea.

HYE’s philosophy is to create unique values that match modern lifestyles inspired by statues, architectures, and works of art that penetrate Korea’s history. Moreover, HYE is striving to develop sustainable fashion living goods that reflect the dynamic creativity of Korea.


Our Story

Design House HYE CEO Jung, Sung Hye worked at the Samsung design team after graduating from Seoul National University, Dept. of Clothing & Textiles. While studying abroad at FIT in New York, she made a headline by winning the grand prize of the Critics Award. After graduating from NYU graduate school, she has been working as a professor at Inha University, Dept. of Fashion Design & Textiles.

With the firm conception to spread Korean culture via fashion, CEO Jung has presented various researches. Her exhibitions are mainly focused on a modern style that reinterprets Korean traditional culture. Jung also has taken on an opening show of The 3rd ASEM held in Seoul by catching attention through presenting 80 clothing lines with a blend of performances such as singing, dancing, and fashion. While hosting various international fashion exhibitions, Jung saw the necessity of unique and sensible Korean fashion products that fit the modern trend and launched ‘HYE’ in 2016. ‘HYE’ is the cohesive result of Jung’s passion, study, and creativity for 30 years in the industry. The brand HYE wishes many people who love fashion to enjoy and cherish the profound beauty of Korea.

After the launch, HYE has opened its store at Incheon duty-free store via Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. Recently, HYE products are available to purchase in Korean Air inflight duty-free shops.